4th February, 2018

With added safety features, the 2018 Cattle Crush range aligns with Metalcorp’s commitment to safety.

After launching prototypes in 2017, the 2018 Cattle Crush range is ready to be released to market.

The new range of Cattle Crushes honours Metalcorp’s heritage.

The 2018 Cattle Crush range is based on the popular original Carinya design that Metalcorp released many years ago and incorporates the best features of the Carinya design into a modern robust chassis.

All side gates in the new range are hinged from the front to avoid being trapped between the Cattle Crush and the animal should a charge occur whilst you are working beside the crush. This feature also allows for good access from both sides of the crush.

2018 Cattle Crush

We have also reintroduced the foot operated kick panel in the lower vet gate to allow for safer operation when locking this gate up.

Up front, we have two solid head bail doors, which are activated simultaneously, delivering a rock-solid hold that won’t flex or shift after many cycles.

This is combined with a ratchet locking mechanism to deliver a solid lock up that can be released whilst under pressure.

We have also designed these components to be easily removed for servicing or replacement should they become worn over time.

The Australian made product has been customised to be more accessible for the handler, with forward and rear operations becoming a standard on the Heavy/Duty Models.

There is also a fully sheeted rear slide gate that can be closed quickly and quietly with a one touch release.

Metalcorp’s new Cattle Crushes are manufactured with Chin Bars as a standard feature across the H/Duty range.

Metalcorp’s 2018 Cattle Crush range includes; the Classic-Plus ® offering a dual parallel squeeze, the Bullock Master ® offering a single side parallel squeeze and the Cattlemaster ® offering a single-side manual angle squeeze in H/Duty format and the Hobby Vet and Hobbymaster for the more budget conscious client or smaller operations.

All models are manufactured from Australian Made Galvanized steel, the H/Duty models have a channel sub frame manufactured using hot dipped galvanized steel to facilitate easy cleaning and reduce the risk of corrosion.

A quality three-layer paint system has been applied to ensure maximum operational life on the H/Duty range with the Hobby range being delivered in Galvanized finish.

With safety of the handler and the animal at the forefront, Metalcorp have followed recommendations of the Australian VET association and CSIRO to build cattle crushes that will service farmers needs for generations to come.

*Please note that this particular range of Cattle Crushes are only available in Queensland and New South Wales.

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