4th April, 2019

Metalcorp’s livestock handling equipment has received a safe farming tick of approval by the National Centre for Farmer Health.

A first for the rural sector, the independent report contains the results of Metalcorp’s CLASSIC PLUS ® Crush, CATTLEMASTER® Crush and the HOBBYMASTER® Vet Crush, which were physically assessed.

The assessments were conducted by Livestock Veterinarian Dr David Rendell, Occupational Therapist Andrew Cross and NCFH Director Dr Susan Brumby to ensure Metalcorp’s Cattle Crushes enable cattle and humans to work together as safely and efficiently as possible.

Cattle Crushes play a vital role for farmers to carry out a variety of jobs on the animal, including vaccinating, dehorning, castrating, pregnancy testing, tagging, veterinarian treatment and much more.

With these important jobs to be carried out, the report revealed that Metalcorp’s Cattle Crushes meet manual handling demands and gates and locking mechanisms were considered reasonable, easy to use and well designed.

Safe farming

The report also revealed that because Metalcorp’s Cattle Crushes are designed with rectangular steel sections, this prevents the handler putting an arm in the cattle crush area and is viewed as a significant improvement from cattle crushes designed with round pipe sections.

Metalcorp’s painted Cattle Crushes were considered to be a superior safety option for farmers, as it was clearly labelled what the levers and locking mechanisms were.

This review by the NCFH has prompted Metalcorp to make the painted option as the standard across all models.

With Metalcorp’s Cattle Crushes proven to effectively restrain the typical range of cattle in Australia, farmers are being urged to look for the safe farming tick of approval when purchasing their next Cattle Crush.

“Metalcorp’s CLASSIC PLUS® Crush, CATTLEMASTER® Crush and HOBBYMASTER® Vet Crush performs with relative ease by moderately fit and active male and female farmers,” Occupational Therapist Andrew Cross said.

For more information on Metalcorp’s Safe Farming Tick of Approval please download this Fact Sheet.