Rural Brand For The Land

Metalcorp is an institution in the Australian bush, dating back to the company’s original incarnation from Ashley and Moore in 1967. 

There has been mergers and rebranding of the business since that time with Ashley and Moore and M.I. Steel combining to form MI Steel in NSW and QLD. Metalcorp was formed from these two businesses and then purchased by the Smorgon Group in 2001 to then become part of the BlueScope group of businesses. 

Metalcorp has developed into one of Australia’s leading rural steel distribution businesses serving the rural community with durable steel products, using quality Australian-made steel and developed with an acute understanding of the needs of Australian farmers.

Metalcorp provides Australian made steel from Orrcon Steel. Metalcorp produces a range of rural products designed to withstand harsh environments from piggeries to cattle yards and from coastal locations to inland farms, Metalcorp is the "Rural Brand for the Land."

Cattle Management Systems
Cyclone Livestock Equipment
Cyclone Cattle and Horse Panels
Metalcorp Everything in Steel
Metalcorp Product and Info Guide
MI Steel
Studmaster Cattle Management Systems
Metalcorp Steel Rusted Sign

Metalcorp’s knowledge of rural Australia is one of our greatest strengths. Through our dedicated team of Rural Managers, we are well-versed in the challenges for rural Australia and understand the quality that steel products need to suit some very harsh farming environments.

Metalcorp has a key role in rural Australia and we take that responsibility seriously.  We have actively supported rural Australia through long drought periods and devastating floods – and we plan to stay involved for the long haul, continuing to deliver on the needs of farmers across the country.